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Sokkia CX 102 Total Station

The new Total Station CX-102 (2” Accuracy, 2.5” Resolving power & both faces Control panel location) comes with a world’s first technology – TSshield™. This telematics-based communications module provides remote security and maintenance options. CX-102 comes with SOKKIA’s original absolute encoders that provide long-term reliability in any job site condition. Dual-axis compensator ensures stable measurements even when setup on uneven terrain. CX-102 incorporates several all-new technologies yet maintains Sokkia’s easy-to-use functionality.


  • RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM assuring fast 0.9s distance measurement regardless of object.
  • Pinpoint reflectorless distance measurement from 30cm to 500m.
  • USB port for convenient field data transfer.
  • Large LCD screen providing optimum operations access, graphical viewing and convenience.
  • Eliminating the frustration of hand signals and errors on layout, staking and other jobs.
  • All this plus IP66 dustproof/waterproof rating, heavy-duty metal chassis and handle.
  • 36 hours of battery life make the all new CX the industry standard in classic Total Stations.

Standard Accessories : BDC70 Battery, CDC68 Battery Charger, Power Cable, Lens cap, Lens hood, Tool pouch, Screwdriver, Lens brush, 2x Adjusting pin, Cleaning cloth, USB Memory Stick, Operation manual, Carrying strap, Carrying case.

Optional Accessories: Aluminium Tripod, Single Prism with Pole and Tripod, Tubular Compass, Data downloding Software.

Telescope (a)   Image : Erect (b)   Magnification : 30X (c)   Resolving power : 2.5" (d)   Optical aperture : 45 mm (e)   Field of View : 1° 30' (f)    Minimum focus : 1.3m (g)   Reticle illumination : 5 brightness levels
EDM (a)   Laser Class : class 1 (b)   Corrections : Earth Curvature & reflection : Yes Sea level Correction: Yes. (c)   Measurement range: (i)       Reflector sheet : 1.3m -500m (ii)      Mini prism : 1.3m to 2500m (iii)     1 prism : 4000m (in good condition 5000m) (iv)    3 prism : 5000m (in good condition 6000m)
Accuracy (a)   Prism : ±(2+2ppmXD)mm (b)   Reflector sheet : ±(3+2ppmXD)mm
Measuring time (a)   Fine : 0.9s (b)   Rapid: 0.7s (c)   Tracking : 0.3s
Angle Measurement           (a)   ICAS (Independent Angle Calibration System): Yes (b)   Collimation Compensation : Yes (c)   Compensator : Dual axis with liquid tilt sensor (d)   Compensator range : ±6’ (e)   Unit : Deg/Gon/Mil (selectable ) (f)    Accuracy: 2” (two) Seconds. (g)   Display resolution : 0.001
Distance Measurement   (a)   Display type: Graphic LCD, 192x80 dot backlight. (b)   Control Panel: Both faces. (c)   Keyboard: Alphanumeric key board 25 key with backlight.
Instrument interface & Data management   (a)   Data Storage: ·      Internal: 10000 points. ·      Memory device : USB flash memory card (8GB) (b) Data Transfer : Enable for data transfer via Bluetooth connections with a cellular phone supporting GPRS. (c)   Interface : RS-232C
General   (a)     Levels: ·         Circular : 10”/2mm ·         Graphic display/ Range : ±6’ (b)   Minimum focus of optical plummet 0.3m (c)   Base: Tribrach (d)   Dust and Water Protection : IP66 (e)   Working Temperature : -20°C to +50°C
Power characteristic   (a)   Battery : Standard Li-ion rechargeable battery (b) Battery Life : 36 hours .