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Kolida KTS-442L Total Station

KTS-442L infrared laser total station with advanced absolute encoding angle measurement technology, greatly improving the accuracy and stability of the angle measurement. Boot without initialization, in the measurement if the power off, after the restart still retain the original information, greatly facilitate the measurement workers. At the same time, KTS-442L with a circuit board, absolutely international level, completely solve the integration problems with crosstalk, production, maintenance efficiency improved several times. In addition, tight rubber ring waterproof, so that the waterproof and dust level to reach IP56 level.


Advantage: absolute encoding, international level, ranging from ultra fast (0.8 seconds)

Measuring range: 5000 m single prism

Accuracy: ranging 2+2ppm, 2"

Standby: continuous ranging 10 hours

Waterproof grade: IP56

Laser ranging

Technical Index:

Single prism 5.0Km

Measuring time accuracy of 0.8 seconds, 0.5 seconds

The number shows the maximum: 99999999.9999 Min: 1mm/0.1mm (set)

The accuracy of a prism: 2+2ppm free prism: 3+2ppm

Automatic correction of meteorological correction input parameters

Correction of the input parameters of the prism constant

Angle measurement

Absolute encoding style angle measurement

Disc diameter 79mm

Minimum reading 0.1''/1''/5''

Accuracy 2''

Detection method level set: the diameter of the vertical plate: right


Imaging positive

Tube length 154mm

Objective: the effective aperture telescope 45mm range: 50mm

Magnification 30 x

Viewing angle of 1 degrees 30'

Resolution 3''

Minimum focus distance 1m

Automatic vertical compensator

System liquid electronic sensor compensation

Working range of + 4'

Accuracy 1''


Pipe level 30''/2mm

Round level 8''/2mm

Optical alignment

Imaging positive

Magnification 3 x

Focus range 0.5m~ ~

Viewing angle of 5 degrees

Laser to medium

On the accuracy of 1.5mm 1.5m

Laser point diameter 2.5mm 1.5m

Brightness adjustment function

Infinite bit micro screw

Spiral number 1 horizontal /1 vertical

Display part

Type double side, 6 lines of Chinese display

Airborne battery

Power rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery

Voltage direct current 6.0V

Continuous working time 10 hours

Size and weight

Size 190mm x 200mm x 350mm

Weight 5.8kg

Humanized setting

Automatic correction of 2C correction software

Waterproof and dust level IP56