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DL202 Digital Level

Just aim, focus and simply push the red button to take the measurement. With its easy one-button operation, Kolida DL-200 series does not need any intensive training. Pre-installed measurement programs will also assist various leveling tasks and accompanied calculations.



 ■   Digital Reading

Stability and speed, under a variety of environmental conditions. Even when the staff surface is partially shaded (less than 30%), Kolida DL-200 series instantly provides reliable results. The bar code on the staff determines height and distance which is displayed on a highly visible LCD display. There will be no misreading.

 ■   High Accuracy

Error reducing functions, such as BFFB/BBFF/BF/BIF/OUTWARD/RETURN programs in road survey, average measuring mode, brings more accurate result. DL-200 series, for height measurements with 1/2 mm standard deviation per km double leveling.

 ■   Paperless Working

Save your work automatically in the internal memory or SD card, with their built-in memory for storing up to 20’000 points. After the measurements you can download and transfer them for further calculations to Windows Notepad to a PC via SD card.

Optional Accessories: Aluminium Tripod, Aluminium Staff

Telescope Magnification:32x, Resolving power: 3", Field of view:1 degree 3", Compensator Range: >12, Accuracy: 0.30"/1" Measuring Time: with in 3s in normal condition. Distance range:1.5~100m Distance accuracy: D<10M:10MM; D>10M:D Height accuracy (standard deviation for 1km double run leveling): Digital reading: 1.5mm, Optical reading: 2.0mm Circular vial accuracy: 8"/2mm