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The COMCURVE-8/5 permits lines of any shape or any scale factor to be measured easily with simple operatlon. All you have to do is put the trace point of the equipment on the line to be measured and let it trace the line from the starting point to the end of the required length. The built-in Custom LSI works out the line length based on the scale factor and uses the appropriate unit.


Extensive measurability covering line length of any scale factor Automatic unit conversion processing; and conversion of measured values from one unit of length to another.

A rich assortment of units of length to choose from Measurement can be made in major units of length of the metric system the yardpound system, the traditional Japanese system and in nautical mile

Averaging of measured values Results of a drawing measurement performed several times can be averaged to minimize measuring error.

Averaging of accumulated totals Several accumulated totals of measured values can be averaged.

Multiple functions in a lightweight and compact design The COMCURVE-8/5 is designed compact enough to make it easy to carry and is provided with an automatic power-off function to eliminate power wastage.

Free measuring direction The direction of tracing the line to be measured can be chosen as desired, that is, between left-to-right and right-to-left.

Function as a counter When operated in the counter mode, the COMCURVE-8/5 can count number up to 999,999. Presetting the alarm allows an alarm signal to be heard when the required number has been counted.

CV-8 CV-5
Display Liquid Crystal, 8-digit Figures
Detector Element Custom Conductive Plastic Encoder
Measuring Range 10m (on a scale 1:1)
Minimal Indication on Display 1mm (on a scale 1:1)
Accuracy Within 3/1000 pulses
Applicable Unit of Length Metric System(mm,cm,m and km) Yard-pound System(in,ft,yd and mile) Traditional Japanese System Nautical Mile (n.m.) Metric System(mm,cm,m and km) Yard-pound System(in,ft,yd and mile) Nautical Mile (n.m.)
Power Source Alkaline-Manganese Battery LR-44 Continuous operating life: Approx. 300 hrs.
Operating Temperature 0 - 40 degrees centigrade
Storage Temperature -20 - 60 degrees centigrade
Dimensions 171x44x20mm 110x44x20mm
Weight 90g